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Also See for P79 Owner's manual and installation instructions - 4 pages Installation instructions - 4 pages. Page of 4 Go. Removable In-hull Depth Transducer. Cleaners, fuel, paint, sealants, and other products may. Tools and Materials Needed. Digital level or bubble level and protractor.

Mineral oil available at pharmacies. Record the information found on the cable tag for future reference. Part No. Since the hull absorbs acoustic energy, transmitting through the. Fiberglass hulls are often. These cored areas. Do not locate the sensor over coring. Acoustic noise is always present and these sound waves can. Background noise.

However, carefully selecting the transducer mounting. The lower the noise level, the higher the. Caution : Do not mount the sensor:.

Raymarine Instrument Transducer Options

Near water intake or discharge openings. Behind eroding paint an indication of turbulence.

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Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Table of Contents. Transom mount depth transducer or triducer multisensor 4 pages.

Transom mount triducer multisensor with integral release bracket 4 pages. Thru-hull, retractable with valve triducer multisensor 4 pages.Close Bill, but that color is Hooker Pink, lipstick that color is more visible in the dark I believe that some antifreeze also has a dye that will fluoresce under UV light to aid in locating leaks.

I'm losing readings past 15 fathom Tuesday, August 12, P79 transducer install and repair. I've given some thought to what color this slightly lubricious material is and I have two options.

The first is petri dish pink. The second is hot porno pink. You know I choose the more salacious name for this not occurring in nature color. This is the back end of a Airmar P79 inhull transducer installation repair.

The housing apparently is leaking ergo it's my fault since I installed it. Installation of the P79 inhull transducer is straightforward but long term success depends on making sure there are no leaks. This can be difficult to determine at the time you install it.

I have only had a couple of leakers through the years and they have been slow ones. Installation of the P79 transducer is simple, if you read the directions first. Clean the space thoroughly with the stuff of your choice. Sand the area until it's generally level and then give it a final wipe down with a solvent like alcohol or acetone to insure it's completely oil and grease free.

airmar p79

The base has to be glued to the hull, and my first and only preference is quick set Marine-Tex epoxy. I abrade the transducer flange to insure adhesion, and wait a minute. Ding Ding Ding. It's time for an "Installers Tip". The transducer housing is black, engine rooms aren't famous for good lighting, and the transducer base has a specific orientation.

So to reduce the chances of a screw up I put a piece of blue tape on the keel side of the base so I don't screw up. Apply the epoxy and stick it in the right place.If you click the "add to Cart Button" on our website, information on accessories, shipping prices and more will be provided. Please note that clicking on the "add to cart" button only places the item in your "shopping cart" there is no obligation to buy unless you complete the ordering process.

We believe that our combination of price, knowledge and customer service is the best that you will find anywhere. Account Login Cart Checkout. The World's Favorite Source Since Our Menu. Garmin Accessories. Store Gear Transducers Transducer Cables. Marine Accessories. All Marine Electronics. Transducers Transducer Cables. Fitness, Sports, Golf. Account Wishlist. Toggle navigation. GPS Units - Accessories. Lowrance Transducers. Manufacturer: -- All -- Airmar Lowrance Simrad.

Items 1 - 40 of What does MAP Price mean? In Stock Add to Cart. Navico TotalScan Transducer. Usually Ships in Days Add to Cart. Navico Livesight Transducer. Rating Email info thegpsstore. However, our customer showroom is currently closed. Sample Header Text. All Rights Reserved.

It also comes with the transom mouting bracket and 20' cable. Provides Depth and Temp Readings. The in-hull transducer mounts inside the boat and will work on boats with deadrise up to 22 degrees. Includes 20 ft cable, mounting bracket and hardware. Depth and Temp. View Fish and Structure with exceptional detail.

Works on boats with deadrise between 8 and 16 degrees. Does not need Fairing Block. Works on boats with deadrise between 16 and 24 degrees. Includes temperature and does not need Fairing Block. Includes Fairing Blocks and designed to work on boats with over 5 degree deadrise. Includes Mounting Bracket.In business for over 30 years, Airmar Technology Corporation is a world leader in ultrasonic sensor technologies for marine and industrial applications.

We manufacture advanced ultrasonic transducers, flow sensors, WeatherStation instruments, and electronic compasses used for a wide variety of applications. Join our team today! Visit www. See more! Airmar Certified Installers are your best resource for determining the right transducer for your application, as well as ensuring a quality installation.

Each technician attends comprehensive training sessions that keep their knowledge of the technology and best practices at the highest level, meaning you're in good hands when working with an ACI. Be sure to ask how to qualify and thank you in advance for your business. Need information on your product quickly?

Enter the model to get started now.

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Airmar and our affiliated subsidiaries are a growing organization with diverse employment opportunities. Designs, implements, maintains and upgrades operational and performance testing of ultrasonic transducers, magnetic field sensors, temperature sensors and other Airmar products.

Toggle main menu visibility. See which model is right for your offshore application. Our air transducers are rated IP68 and have no movable parts which translates into low maintenance and long-term reliability. Engineered to meet the most demanding applications.

See which model is right for your specific needs. The through the tank wall level detection sensor is the newest addition to our Airducer suite. Providing continuous bottom-up level detection, the TTW is ideal for applications where non-invasive asset monitoring, measuring the rate of consumption, and inventory levels are critical.

View our non-contact ultrasonic transducers from Troubleshooting… Anywhere, Anytime. Insider information at your fingertips.

airmar p79

Embedded microelectronics process depth and temperature inside the sensor for display on any NMEA enabled device. Find an ACI near you. Installers register now for training near you!More details. This ensures that the beam is vertically oriented to receive echoes, resulting in accurate depth readings. Unlike traditional "puck" type transducers, the P79 consists of a base that is bonded to the hull and filled with liquid. The separate transducer then attaches to the base with a twist lock.

The sound waves travel more efficiently though the liquid, giving the best possible performance. The B45 is the smallest and most economical, dual-frequency, bronze, stem transducer. Its streamlined shape deflects aerated water from the transducer's face for strong return echoes and clear display images. An Airmar High-Performance Fairing is recommended for all installations to get the best possible results.

Large, sensitive ceramics allow deeper echosounding. Depth only transducer compatible with aluminium and fibreglass hull materials.

Cable Hole diameter for installation: 2". Depth only transducer compatible with wood and fibreglass hull materials. Features a retractable depth insert. Inside the housing, the ceramic element is tilted for built-in deadrise compensation. The resulting vertical beam gives excellent echo returns for more accurate depth readings.

The P19 without tilt has been the industry standard for many years — the choice when the hull's deadrise angle is minimal. The transducer simply connects to the back of one of the following instruments:. The transducer is connected to the pod or iTC-5 which converts the transducer signals to SeaTalk ng.

The pod or iTC-5 is then connected to your SeaTalk ng backbone. Pods are available for depth, speed and wind and the transducer should only be connected to the associated pod i. The transducers above are for depth only.

If you have a Bidata or Tridata display you will also require a Speed and Temperature transducer.

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Alternatively, see our range of triducer transducers that combine Depth, Speed and Temperature within one transducer. If you require more help selecting a transducer, view our "selecting a transducer" guide. This model is depth only. Available for depth, speed and temperature - see part EPZ. The BV offers great triducer performance in a single thru-hull package. The included fairing block ensures reliable performance at speed.

airmar p79

The BVL provides an extra 2. Digital signal processing inside the housing provides depth, speed, and temperature data to a chart plotter, radar screen, or digital display, eliminating the need for a dedicated depth sounder. The wide port-starboard, fan shaped beam is able to find bottom even when installed on high-deadrise hulls or on sailboats when heeled. It is ideal for commercial and sportfishing applications as it can help skippers detect thermal boundaries and eddies which attract bait concentrations and game fish.

The transducers above can also be used to connect to a Depth and Speed Instrument on the SeaTalk 1 network. For example:. In this case the depth cables from the transducer connect to the back of the Depth Display and the speed cables into the back of the Speed Display. The transducer is connected either to the Speed and Depth pods or the iTC-5 which converts the transducer signals to SeaTalk ng.

The pods or iTC-5 is then connected to your SeaTalk ng backbone. This model is speed, depth and temperature.Airmar is the primary supplier of ultrasonic transducers to manufacturers of marine electronics for recreational boating, sportfishing, and commercial fishing applications.

From small personal watercraft sensors to large transducer arrays, AIRMAR products are synonymous with quality and performance. Airmar has the most advanced transducers on the market when it comes to fishing. From broadband transducers with high sensitivity to Chirp-ready transducers that can identify fish species at depths that were once unimaginable, Airmar is leading the way in fishing transducer technology.

Regardless of your mission on the water Airmar has you covered with every type of fishing: Commercial, Freshwater, Saltwater and Tournament Fishing. Toll Free: Local: Email: info p2marine. Shackle Guards Spartite Toggles Turnbuckles. Anchors Anchor Rodes Anchor Rollers. Windlasses Windlass Remotes Windlass Parts. Winch Parts. Furler Parts. Windlass Parts. Transducer Parts. Airmar Home Airmar. Airmar Menu. Airmar Depth Transducers. Airmar Mix and Match Transducers.

Airmar Speed Transducers. Airmar Triducers. Airmar Weather Stations. Airmar Cables. Airmar Parts and Accessories. Airmar Transducers by Connector.The P79 tank can be cut to compensate for hull deadrise.

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These Mix and Match base models must be combined with a Mix and Match cable for installation. This transducer uses the Mix and Match system.

Installation requires two parts - a base model plus one of the Mix and Match W cables MM listed below. Each base model has a 2 meter pigtail cable permanently attached. This cable ends in an Airmar 5-pin female connector. The Mix and Match cables are 9 meters long and have a male Airmar 5-pin connector at one end to connect to the transducer pigtail and a brand-specific connector at the other end to connect to the sounder or fishfinder.

If an owner changes their fishfinder or sounder, a different MM cable can be installed without disturbing the transducer itself. Gemeco sells kits containing a base model and a Mix and Match cable.

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Gemeco Marine Accessories is a wholesale distributor to thousands of marine electronics dealers throughout the USA and abroad. Although transducers are our primary focus, we also offer a wide array of networking components and other marine accessories. Email: info gemeco. Documents Click an image to display the document in pdf format for viewing or download. Useful Links. Contact Us. View the P79 page on the Airmar website.


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