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Through these tumultuous times, FSC and our certificate holders are working hard to maintain the strength and resilience of our system. Read the latest updates. We have updated the derogation that allows certification bodies unable to conduct on-site audits to either postpone the audit or replace it with desk audits. Internal auditors of group and multi-site certificates will soon be given similar options.

Faced with extreme climate conditions, Namibian farmers have learnt to diversify their activities, especially by producing FSC-certified charcoal. The global forestry company has managed to protect a severely threatened forest while ensuring it benefits the local, scientific, and educational communities.

Mobile navigation Standards Forest Management Certification. Chain of Custody Certification.

fsc code lookup

Certification Body Accreditation. Current Processes. Impact Roadmap to Change Demonstrating Impacts. Media Resources. Become Certified. Become a Member. General Assembly. Follow Us. Work for Us. Support Us. Certified Forests. About FSC. Our Labels. Position Papers. Annual Reports. Find out more. Find Out More.

fsc code lookup

Prev Next. Our members are essential to shaping our strategies. Joining as a member provides many benefits, including access to our exclusive members' portal. Find relevant information on standards and how to implement them, tailored for your needs. Explore the tools we offer to support your work. For Businesses. Consumers are increasingly demanding eco-friendly and responsible products.

FSC provides many benefits to business, including marketing support.Remember Me? Hello, I have seen on the internet that there is a fsc code generator for navigation systems. Is there somebody who has some information on this or even workt with it. I am very interested how its works.

The fsc code from BMW is very expensive so if i can save a buck it is Always welcome. Appreciate 4. It costs thousands. What are you trying to accomplish? Appreciate 0. Brigadier General. He's likely looking for it to do a Nav update is my guess. Originally Posted by v Appreciate 1.

Originally Posted by Yahoo Last edited by Dr. Ho; at AM. Roch M4 Originally Posted by Steve This one is 70 pounds if this is what you're speaking of Enlisted Member. Originally Posted by Dr. Does this also generate the certificate, needed by E-Sys?The database can be used to: 1 Verify that a company is FSC certified.

You can find this license code either on the invoice you receive from an FSC certified supplier or listed in the on-product label, which can be found on the FSC product or its packaging.

If the company you are searching has a valid certificate, their information will show in the results. You can click on the link in the results section to learn more about their certificate, when it expires, who to contact, what products fall within the scope of their certificate, etc.

If a search for the company does not show any results, the certificate is not valid. It has expired, was terminated, or was suspended. Double check that you have entered the certificate number exactly as you found it on the product.

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If you think the use of this license code is fraudulent and would like to report it, please go here. If you are an FSC-certified company and there is incorrect information about your certificate, please contact your Certification Body. The first set of letters is an abbreviation of the Certification Body who provided the certification services.

The six digits are a unique number for that company. Each certificate has a unique License Code assigned to it. The Product Classification tool uses dropdown menus to allow you to choose a product type. To begin, specify your search at Level 1. You can narrow your search further with Level 2 if desired. Certificate Details After you click the Search button, you will see a list of relevant certified companies result.

When you click on a company's record, a new window will open that is specific to the company's FSC certificate. General Data includes information such as the location, contact information, and certification issue and expiration dates. The Product Data tab includes information on the types of materials that are in the scope of that certificate.

The Reports tab includes reports such as annual audit reports. Other tips:. FSC Certificate Database. Other tips: Only one field needs to be filled in to complete a search Make sure the company name is spelled correctly When searching by species, use the scientific or latin name rather than the common name. For a list of species' scientific names, click here. When searching by state, try both the abbreviation and spelling the entire state name.

Please note this database will only search for companies that are current FSC Certificate Holders, typically manufacturers and distributors.

While many retailers carry FSC certified products, these retailers will not show up on the certificate database if they are not FSC certificate holders. If you have additional questions, please email info at us. Newsletter Sign up to receive our newsletter!Guns, through 30mm.

Welcome to the FSC Public Search

Guns, over 30mm up to 75mm. Guns, 75mm through mm. Guns, over mm through mm. Guns, over mm. Chemical Weapons and Equipment. Degaussing - Mine Sweeping Equipment.

Camouflage and Deception Equipment. Miscellaneous Weapons. Nuclear Projectiles. Fuzing and Firing Devices, Nuclear Ordnance. Miscellaneous Nuclear Ordnance. Fire Control Computing Sights and Devices. Fire Control Systems, Complete.

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Optical Sighting and Ranging Equipment. Aircraft Gunnery Fire Control Components.

PSC, NAICS and more

Aircraft, Bombing Fire Control Components. Fire Control Radar Equipment, except Airborne. Miscellaneous Fire Control Equipment. Ammunition, through 30mm. Ammunition, over 30mm up to 75mm. Ammunition, 75mm through mm. Ammunition, over mm. Guided Missile Warheads and Explosive Components. Rockets, Rocket Ammunition and Rocket Components.

Land Mines. Underwater Mine Inert Components. Torpedo Inert Components. Depth Charge Inert Components. Military Chemical Agents.A: You will need to update your information with the DLA, at this webpageand send the change to us via our contact form.

A: If you are doing business with the U. Government to include contracts and grants, you must register at SAM. If you are NOT doing business with the U.

fsc code lookup

NOTE: We, www. We do not register CAGE codes nor assign them. You will have to navigate to the DLA's site. Navigate to our Contact Us Page and fill out the contact form.

How to generate BMW NBT & CIC FSC code

We will respond to you as soon as possible. A: We have thousands of visitors access the site daily. You can access their website here. A: All entities located outside of the U. A: Yes, if you will be receiving contracts or grants from the U.

CAGE Codes. Feel free to send us requests to update your information on our website via our contact form. A CAGE code is a five digit alpha numeric identifier which is assigned to suppliers of various Governmental agencies. Basically, if your company or entity wants to do business with the Government, you must have a CAGE code.

CAGE codes are used in many functions of Government agencies. They can be assigned to a National Stocking Number NSNwhich is another term for "part number", and thus helpful for Government buyers when sourcing supplies, parts, services, etc. They can also be used by Contractors when bidding Government Solicitations.

The Government requires that the true manufacturer name be disclosed in the Contractors' bid submission. Do not use for cataloging purposes. Note: This data was published August of Location of the Company is unknown. Location of company is unknown. The company or companies being represented usually have their own specific CAGE code assigned. An Entity that provides intangible services.

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Disclaimer : The data provided above was published as of August The information could also list a Company as any of the above conditions for which it might no longer be. By accessing this site you are agreeing to use this service at your own risk. You also agree to not hold anyone associated with hosting, managing, editing, or creating this site responsible for any misinformation, loss of contract, nor financial losses. This website is intended for informational and educational purposes.

We promise to do our very best to maintain the most accurate data.

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Please navigate to our contact form, located on our Contact Us page, if you discover any incorrect data. How do I update our listing?

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Necessary Always Enabled. Non-necessary Non-necessary.A SIC Code describes the primary business activity of a company.

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With more than 10, unique classifications, SIC codes have been extended to create the most accurate way to target businesses. Businesses often use SIC codes to identify companies within specific industries for marketing purposes.

By determining the SIC code of their best clients, they can use this information to successfully acquire more customers within that industry. An establishment may only have one 1 Primary SIC code, which is determined by the industry classification that generates the highest revenue or value of shipments. SIC Codes can be a very valuable tool for nearly any company looking to increase revenue and profit. SIC Codes break down all of the various industries in existence into an organized classification system.

When used correctly, companies can focus their marketing efforts on the industries that generate the highest return on investment. Integrating business lists built by specific industries, increases the focus of the campaign and removes wasteful broadstroke strategies.

Here are some of the popular uses:. These codes typically end in the number "9". The NEC codes are the residual classifications that do not usually constitute homogenous primary activity groups. Therefore, for the purpose of the SIC system, they are grouped and treated as a separate industry in order to retain the homogeneity of the other industries in the group.

Product and Service Code Manual

In the official U. Government SIC Code system, there are a total of 1, codes included in the 2-digit, 3-digit, and 4-digit levels. Government had written into the SIC Code Manual that agencies could use additional subdivisions within specific four-digit industries to further break down industries. Private companies created 6, 7, and 8-digit SIC codes systems known as Extended SIC Codeswhich account for more specific sub-industries, as well as new and emerging industries. A SIC Code is self-classified and the primary code associated with your company can change as your business evolves.

Government level, but you may encounter 6, 7, or 8-digit classifications as well. Search Keyword. Identify your best clients' primary industry and target similar businesses. Tap into a database of 15 million verified business records arranged by specific industries Email campaigns, mailing campaigns, phone campaigns, and more


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